Okavango Delta Safari


Okavango Delta Safari Experiences

We have created a collection of all inclusive Okavango Delta safari packages for you to choose from. Our Okavango Delta Safari packages include 4 night, 6 night, 8 night and 11 night safaris. Browse the Okavango Delta safari packages and see which best suits your time, budget and preference.

Okavango Delta Mokoro Experience

Glide through a maze of clear channels and opaque lagoons on traditionally made mokoro boats, once carved out of ancient Okavango Delta trees. Discover the Okavango Delta, sitting mere centimetres above the water as you silently pass by unsuspecting wildlife. At the heart of the Okavango Delta lies a secluded network of waterways and islands. Mokoro experiences are included at most water based Okavango Delta lodges.

Okavango Walking Safari

For those wishing for an intensely personal experience in the Okavango Delta, an Okavango walking safari offers a unique way of exploring the delta. The guided walk will be led by either a qualified guide or skilled tracker. This is an authentic cultural experience, using nature as a guide throughout the journey. You will have the opportunity to follow a Bushman as they interpret many natural phenomena along the walk.

Okavango Safari Game Drive

Game drives in the Okavango Delta are remote and secluded, with very few safari vehicles sharing the same areas. Professionally trained guides tailor drives to your preferences, promising up-close views of unique wildlife and flourishing vegetation. In this untamed landscape, sensitive driving practices allow you to get up close to the area’s exceptional wildlife. Each Okavango Delta safari game drive is an adventure.

Okavango Delta Boat Cruise

Explore the Okavango Delta’s intricate network of winding channels and glassy lagoons on an Okavango Delta boat cruise safari. On board a sleek, motorised boat you will explore the countless channels that criss cross the Okavango Delta. You will cover large distances on the boat cruise that will showcase magnificent views of the watery landscape. The unique perspective from the boat offers great wildlife sightings.

Okavango Delta Fishing Safari

Catch and release in serene aquatic surroundings on an Okavango Delta fishing safari. The Okavango is renowned as one of Africa’s top fishing destinations. If you are after the impressive Tiger fish, embrace your adrenalin-fuelled inner angler, and set your rod up, cast into the trembling waters and watch for the lightning quick olive-coloured back and silvery underbelly of your catch.

Okavango Delta Helicopter Flight

Soar over pools and lagoons on an Okavango Delta helicopter flight. Scenic helicopter flights over the Delta’s patchwork landscape of islands, plains and lagoons perfectly illustrate its raw and spectacular beauty. An aerial perspective is the ideal way to gaze onto the vast Delta and its meandering labyrinth of crystal-clear channels. The incredible diversity and amount of wildlife encountered in the Delta becomes clear from above.