Okavango Delta Safari


Travel Advice For An Okavango Delta Safari

We aim to provide you with the most up to date and relevant travel advice for the Okavango Delta. Read about the best time to visit, what you should pack and how to get here, not to mention other tips and tricks we have found helpful over the years.

Travelling to the Okavango Delta with minors

It is recommended to contact your local Botswana Embassy for full details of paperwork required based on the parental situation as without the correct paperwork you will be prohibited from travelling into Botswana.

How Do I Get To & Around Botswana?

Most major International Airlines from Europe, USA, Asia and Australia fly into Johannesburg, South Africa, where connecting flights can be booked to the four International Airports in Botswana.

Is Okavango A Malaria Area?

Malaria is common in the Northern parts of Botswana such as the Okavango Delta and Chobe areas particularly during or after rainy season from November to April.

Visa Requirements When Visiting Botswana

Do I need a visa to visit Botswana? Citizens of most European and Commonwealth countries do not require a visa for entry into Botswana, however, a valid passport is always required for any international travel no matter what nationality or passport you are travelling on.

Tipping In Botswana

What do you tip staff while on safari in Botswana? It is not obligatory to tip, however, considered appropriate if you feel the level of service you have received warrants your personal appreciation.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Okavango?

Game viewing is at its peak during the dry winter months of May to October when animals are concentrated in ever increasing numbers at water sources as the dry season wears on. Many experts regard the cooler months of June to August as the best time of year for an Okavango safari.